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exactly how to wear the pencil skirt?

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Back to school/ office!

And in Paris, if I may confess, the great weather condition is making it challenging for me to focuss, believing I’d rather go swim in bassin de la Villette than sit on my desk ^^

I understand numerous of you have to look extremely “business” to work (unlike me who can wear every flowery mini skirt I like to hihi).

And to accomplish this, there is an iconic piece: the pencil skirt!

Characteristics: tight, just above or under the knee length, mainly high waisted, optionally splitted.

The truth that it is so figure hugging scares away numerous women. The look on the face of my clients when I suggest them to try one on tells it all.

And they are likewise scared that it will look as well “old”.

Both are untrue of course.

You’d be amazed exactly how numerous women look fabulous as well as contemporary in a pencil skirt

I. exactly how to wear the pencil skirt according to your body

a. You have an hourglass figure

No matter if you are thin or chubby, you got the easiest body to dress, you lucky girl.

You can highlight your thin waist by tucking your top, wearing a crop top or play it much more discreet with a somewhat oversize top.

b. You have an A-line figure

Wide hips, thin waist as well as torso.

If you objective to make your hips look smaller, I suggest you to wear a somewhat oversize top. The best is for it to stop where the hip is the largest. It can be a sweater, a shirt, a blazer…

But showing off your lovely curves by tucking your top in is likewise a excellent option!

You can likewise go for crop tops that expose your thin waist while somewhat minimizing your hips.

c. You have an H, O or V shaped body

Thin or athletic legs, not extremely defined waist, small hips as well as rather wide shoulders.

You shall prevent defining your waist since it will make you look “rectangle” just like cute Maisie Williams here.

The unexpected thing is that the best for you is just like for A shaped ladies to wear a somewhat big top.

The top shall stop mid hips or even under the butt if you are tall with long legs.

It shall be big however not produce a “tent” impact by staying close to the body.

If you have lovely breasts (and lovely does not necessarily imply big), wear low neck tops.

d. You have a little torso

Like truly small.

In that case, you will benefit avoiding the tucking in plus high waist combo. See exactly how it looks on Marion Cotillard.

Instead you might try to wear your tops untucked, crop tops that are not as well short as well as discover low or mid waisted pencil skirts (good luck).

e. Round belly

95% of women do have some belly as well as that is completely typical as well as pretty. as well as indeed the high waisted pencil skirt emphasizes it.

But if you have a thin waist it emphasizes this also, and, trust me, everybody will focus on this as well as not notice the truth that, looked from the side you do have a round tummy. Because, except yourself in the mirror, who looks from the side?

If you do not have a thin waist or truly have a great deal of belly, then choose the fluid/larger top technique

f. Thick calves and/or ankles

Choose an above the knee pencil skirt as well as shoes that show your ankle bone. It will make your calves as well as ankles look longer as well as leaner.

But, if you can as well as want, decrease the pencil skirt for a shorter version ^^

II. exactly how to style your pencil skirt?

A. Tops

a.  Tucked in


Fluid or rigid, as you wish.


To make the pencil skirt look relaxed.

Man repeller


Beware of the material rolls.

b. Untucked


You can knot or not (ahah). It can be hip lengths or shorter.


Sea of shoes

And of program any type of other top or T-shirt. just did not discover the pics for it.

c. crop top

Anything short as well as straight is considered a crop top.

Makes the pencil skirt look much more funky.

d. Layers

Blazers, bombers, jackets, you can try whatever with a skirt so tight.

Beware of the thin little cardigans that may make you look like a secretary from the 50’s.

B. Shoes

a. Pumps

The shoes that matches to perfection.

They elongates the calves.

b. High shoes, with straps or low boots

They’ll look nicer if you have long as well as slender calves.

c. Flat shoes under the ankle bone

Just like pumps however flat.

Ballet flats, sneakers…

Girl with curves

Want personalized style advices? Reach me for distance styling or personal shopping!

d. Boots

Perfect not to cut the calves in winter

They look quite on everyone.

And of program the heeled version looks better.


C. To belt or not to belt? 

The belt can quickly make the pencil skirt look old school.

But then, like always, if you got stylist talentsyou can accomplish something ^^

And you, do you plan to bring you pencils to work? 

Cover collage: The Urbanspotter

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