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How to stop Your canine From Pulling on the Leash

My canine Remy is like numerous other dogs – he pulls difficult on the leash!

I make sure to spend time training “heel” as well as loose-leash walking however it will always be a work in progress. I believed I’d share my suggestions on exactly how to stop your canine from pulling.

Below are a few of the suggestions that have dealt with my strong puller.

If your canine pulls on the lead, just understand that this is a extremely typical issue as well as typical canine behavior.

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How to stop your canine from pulling on the leash

1. discover a collar that makes your dog’s pulling less extreme

2. utilize a particular collar for training as well as one more for “fun” walks

3. utilize extremely motivating treats!

3. wear a treat pouch around your waist

4. method heeling inside your home a lot

5. method heeling on walks

6. Take a short break every 5 minutes during walks

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How to stop your canine from pulling on the leash

It’s as much as us to instruct them not to pull – as well as it takes a great deal of time, consistency as well as patience. So hang in there!

1. discover a collar that makes your dog’s pulling less extreme

As you know, people can get emotional as well as opinionated about training tools. You type of have to disregard all that as well as utilize what works for you.

It really doesn’t matter to me which training collar you prefer. It needs to be something that you are comfortable utilizing as well as something that enables you to safely manage your canine without hurting your dog.

Training collar choices to reduce a dog’s pulling on the leash:

Gentle Leader or Halti head collar
No pull harness (leash clips to the front of the dog)
Herm Sprenger prong collar
Martingale collar (for less extreme pullers)

2. utilize a particular collar for training as well as one more for “fun” walks

Dogs are quite great at acknowledging particular “gear” for particular situations. I like utilizing a training collar for training walks as well as a harness for our “fun” walks.

My own canine is a 63-pound weimaraner as well as he pulls difficult if he can get away with it. For him, I choose utilizing either a gentle Leader or a prong collar while we’re working on training.

We likewise have an EasyWalk no-pull harness that he uses on “fun” walks where we’re not working on training. For example, when I want to head out for an hour as well as just get exercise or hike on a trail.

This provides me some manage however when he uses it I enable him to sniff as well as walk ahead of me.

I likewise suggest a six-foot leash vs. a retractable leash for all of your walks. My preferred leash is a easy 6-ft leather leash since it’s simpler for me to grip than nylon as well as typically lasts years as well as years.

3. utilize extremely motivating treats!

To train your canine to stop your canine from pulling when you’re outside, you’ll requirement to utilize the very best treats! believe hot dogs, cheese or jerky.

Indoors, dogs are less picky since there’s fewer distractions.

Outside, I utilize bits of deli meat, bits of cheese, soft treats as well as in some cases pieces of chicken. I mix everything together in a treat pouch as well as add in some dry canine food.

Total, I utilize about 1/2 cup of goodies per 20-min walk. Obviously, you may requirement to cut back on your dog’s meals if you do this.

3. Wear a treat pouch around your waist

At the extremely minimum, bring a ton of treats in your pockets.

Once you begin heading out for training walks, you’re going to requirement to bring about a 1/2 cup’s worth of little treats. That most likely won’t in shape in your pockets easily.

A treat pouch fits around your midsection (yep, like a fanny pack!) so you have quick gain access to to treats. I walk with Remy as well as provide him treat-treat-treat for walking at my side.

I can in shape my whole hand in the pouch so treats are quickly available whatsoever times.

I reward Remy for taking a look at me, walking at my side as well as not pulling. I likewise utilize treats to lure him back when he pulls or gets ahead. I just stop as well as wait on him to return or I lure him back.

4. method heeling inside your home a lot

This is what truly assisted Remy. We worked in the living space for five minutes a day as well as it truly clicked for him on the third day.

I utilized a leash at very first as well as just popped treats into his mouth for being at my left side or making eye contact. I walked along the wall so he had few choices of where to go as well as lured him where I desired him to be (my left side).

I would stop as well as have him sit, provide a treat. then take a step forward, have him sit, provide a treat. then two steps, etc. He truly caught on quickly.

Practicing inside your home is what made a big difference for us since Remy seemed to lastly “get” what I desired as well as without any distractions it was simple for us to succeed.

Practice in every space of the house, the basement, the garage, possibly the back lawn or the driveway. I like to method in quiet, open car parking great deals like church car parking great deals on weekday mornings.

5. method heeling on walks

Of course, outdoors is the difficult part.

Our obedience trainer really told me not to walk Remy for now if he’s going to pull. She stated to stay with truly tiring walks up as well as down the driveway or in circles in the lawn or possibly down the street at peaceful times.

She’s right.

If you want to stop your dog’s pulling you requirement to eliminate his chance to pull. Practicing inside your home makes sense up until he gets the hang of it. then relocation on to “boring” outside areas before adding much more interesting outside areas.

However, in the genuine world, I requirement to be able to walk weimaraner for exercise functions as well as potty breaks. I don’t have a fenced yard. so a leash is his only gain access to to the outdoors.

So … I am not perfect.

Sometimes I just requirement to get my canine out for a quick potty break as well as he pulls. This sets our training back. in some cases I just want to be “normal” as well as inspect out from training … as well as he pulls. Like, truly bad. This sets our training back.

This is why it’s assisted me to utilize a particular collar for our training walks as well as a different harness for our “checked out” walks. I try to be consistent.

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6. Take a short break every 5 minutes during walks

This is truly important.

On your walks, ask your canine to heel for 5 minutes or so, as well as then utilize your release word – “Free!” or “Break!” – to let him sniff or play or walk ahead for at least 30 seconds (but stop moving if he pulls).

There are a few reasons for this:

Dogs have short interest spans
This assists remind you to take breaks as well as keep this fun!
Heel is very, extremely challenging for them
It assists if they comprehend “heel” implies “heel up until I release you.”

So, try turning between focused heeling for 5 minutes, quick break, heeling for 5 minutes, quick break.

More suggestions to stop your canine from pulling

Walk in zig-zags or figure-8s. turn around a lot.
Work on random obedience or obstacles.
Pick up the pace, jog a little, run.
Sign up for a fundamental obedience class.
Try different types of treats!
Try different training collars (prong collar, gentle Leader, no pull harness, etc)

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Credit card processing for pet dog walkers

I own a pet dog running as well as pet dog walking service in San Diego called Run That Mutt.

If you’ve started your own pet dog sitting business, you may be wondering what the very best choice is for collecting credit score card payments.

If you are severe about your pet business, you must gather payments with a credit score card system since it will save you money as well as time.

Why must my pet dog walking service accept credit score cards?

Your pet dog walking business must accept credit score card payments since it’s practical for customers, convenient for you, as well as it will save you useful time as well as money.

More than likely your pet dog walking service is already accepting on the internet credit score card payments with PayPal.

Why isn’t PayPal the very best choice for a pet dog walking business?

Although PayPal has its location (easy to set up, simple to use), it is not the very best choice for a pet dog walking business. Instead, I suggest you switch to a credit score card processing company. I’ve been utilizing PayPal for years, as well as it’s time for my own service to make the switch.

Here’s why:

PayPal has high fees

The primary issue with PayPal is its high fees. There are no set-up or membership costs to utilize a basic PayPal account, nevertheless the charges deducted per deal are high.

For each repayment your pet dog walking business receives through PayPal, a 2.9 percent fee, plus 30 cents will immediately be deducted from that payment.

For example, if a client pays you $120, PayPal will take 2.9 percent of that ($3.48) plus one more 30 cents, leaving you with $116.22. That’s not sufficient to break the bank, however it does add up over the month as well as over the year.

I end up losing about $50 per month to PayPal in fees. I might add a 3% fee for any individual who selects to pay with PayPal, however that’s not being fair to my customers.

The a lot more money you gather with PayPal, the a lot more you will pay in fees. So the a lot more your service grows, the a lot more sense it makes to switch to a much better option. If you expect to gather a lot more than $500 per month in credit score card payments, it’s time to switch over to a processing company.

PayPal can block your gain access to to your own money

PayPal has the capability to freeze accounts because of petty misunderstandings or disputes. since PayPal is such a big company, it is almost impossible to speak to a genuine person over the phone as well as resolve these issues. Josh as well as I have a buddy who had his PayPal account frozen for months, indicating he had no gain access to to the $3,000 in his account at the time. Why danger this?

What credit score card processing business must I utilize for my pet dog walking business?

The credit score card processing business my pet dog walking service will utilize is called BNG Holdings. It is just as simple to utilize as PayPal, however it provides you a lot more options.

Why must a pet dog walking services utilize a credit score card processing company?

We want to get paid on time!

Every pet dog walker has a client who “forgets” to pay on time. I’m sure you’re stuck waiting on at least one inspect every month or waiting on somebody to indication into PayPal. Why not automate those payments?

Set up automatic payments for your pet dog walking business

With BNG Holdings, you can set up automatic payments so the repayment is deducted from the customer’s account on time, every time. For some customers, that amount may be the exact same every month as well as for others you would manually go into in the amount due.

We all have these kinds of automatic payments. My health and wellness insurance coverage as well as fitness center membership charges are immediately deducted from my inspecting account each month, for example.

You have the choice of setting up recurring payments

With a credit score card processing company, you will be able to set up monthly (or weekly) recurring payments for your pet dog walking customers. If somebody hires you for the exact same number of walks weekly or every month, then you understand her expense will generally be the exact same each time. You might even choose to need payments up front, before the service takes place.

You don’t have to set up recurring or automatic payments. It’s just great to have the option.

You can still set up a “pay now” button on your web site

If you as well as your clients are utilized to a “pay now” type button embedded into your web site, you can still utilize that choice with BNG Holdings. You will still have the capability to enable your clients to pay by clicking the button at their convenience, entering in the amountdue, as well as so on.

It would look something like this:

It’s not practical for a lot of people to pay with checks

Can you truly blame somebody for not getting a inspect to you on time? You requirement to make it simple for your clients to pay you! tracking down a checkbook, composing a inspect as well as mailing a inspect is not easy. Most people like automatic payments.

Initial configuration is easy

Getting set up with the credit score card processing business will not be much different than setting up a PayPal account. Don’t be terrified to make the switch since you believe it will be a huge hassle.

Likewise, the customer’s experience won’t modification a whole lot. I’m sure you’ve paid for products or services on the internet without utilizing PayPal. possibilities are, you generally don’t pay much attention to whether or not PayPal is an option.

You will save money on charges (compared to PayPal)

For a lot of businesses, the credit score card processing company’s charges will be a great deal less than they would be with PayPal.

For services similar to mine, BNG Holdings charges a flat monthly charge (roughly $35), plus a few pennies per transaction. I’ve been losing a lot more than $35 per month in PayPal charges for years, so changing over will immediately save my service money.

It saves the pet dog walker time!

What is your time worth? I fee $28 per hour to walk a dog. Do I truly want to spend hours per month working on invoices? absolutely not.

Once you have whatever set up with the credit score card processing company, you can save as well as automate as much as you would like. You won’t have to re-enter the exact same info a lot more than once. Anything that eliminates anxiety is a plus!

Best of all, you will have a lot more time to focus on supplying the very best service.

Customers want to make benefits with their credit score cards

Lots of people like to pay with credit/debit cards in buy to make benefits such as mileage points. They don’t have that choice when they pay by inspect or with a PayPal account.

Should I keep PayPal as an choice for my pet dog walking business?

If your pet dog walking clients are already paying you with PayPal, you might keep it as an choice in addition to the credit score card processing company. great deals of business do offer both choices for the customer’s convenience. Eventually, you might choose to decrease PayPal.

More about BNG Holdings

BNG comprehends pet dog walking as well as pet sitting businesses, as well as I have satisfied the CEO (I might provide you his direct cell number). He as well as the president of the business are extremely reachable, individual guys, excited to response any type of concerns we pet dog walkers may have.

BNG supplies processing services around the country, as well as it is one of the fastest growing vendor services business in the upper Midwest, according to its web site.

To get started with BNG, get in touch with the business at 701.526.3539 as well as tell them That Mutt sent you!

What it comes down to is you are a severe service owner, as well as you must utilize the service that makes the very best sense for your business. perhaps the very best choice is PayPal, however a lot more than likely your pet sitting service might benefit from changing to a credit score card processing company.

I desire you continued success with your pet dog walking or pet sitting business!


A run with Lloyd as well as Lily

every time we go for a run, Lloyd as well as Lily have a routine.

First they gaze at me, uninterested. then they stand, stretch, shake their whole bodies, dance as well as wag.

Next they plop down in front of me in perfect sit-stays.

Lily virtually shakes with excitement. She yawns dramatically, looks at the door, looks at me. “Come on, Lady! Hurry up!”

Sometimes Lloyd picks up a leash.

If you have ever hung out with a vizsla, multiply the happy energy as well as enthusiasm by two. Multiply the loyalty, athleticism and sweetness by two.

That’s Lloyd as well as Lily.

They are rather the perfect pair.

Lloyd is calm as well as collected. Serious. never far from my side. Loyal. Quiet.

Miss Lily is dramatic. Impatient. Goofy. It’s impossible not to smile at her.

They stay at my side while we run. This seems to thrill people. We get compliments all the time.

 That’s Lloyd as well as Lily for you. Predictable, extremely nice dogs. perfect running buddies.


Kansas woman Falls through Ice – would You risk Your Life for a Dog?

I do not believe any canine is worth a person’s life.

It’s hard to write that, but it’s what I believe. I would never want anybody to risk his or her life to save my dog.

My husband Josh and I have talked about this before. It’s hard to know what a person will do in an emergency, but I’ve told him several times to never risk his life for our dog. I’ve agreed to the same.

Possible scenarios we’ve discussed include running back into a house fire to save a pet, walking out onto thin ice or swimming out into harmful water.

Of course, some situations are not quite so serious, and all anybody can do in the moment is use his or her best judgement.

Sadly, a young woman died Sunday in Kansas while running out onto thin ice after her dog.

Wichita woman falls through ice while trying to save her dog

The 28-year-old fell through the ice and died Sunday. The story is reported by WIBW of Topeka, Kan. (Image from WIBW.)

The woman’s canine ran out onto a frozen pond when it saw another dog, according to the article. The woman then ran out after her canine and once they were in the middle of the pond, the ice broke and they both fell through.


A see tried to help the woman, but he couldn’t reach her and she went under.

“The ice, we’re far enough south that the ice doesn’t freeze or stay frozen,” said Wichita Water Rescue Firefighter Paul Gonzalez. “It’s very, very thin ice and so the recommendation is always stay off the ice.”

A crew of six rescuers went out onto the icy water trying to rescue the woman. Divers found her at the bottom of the eight-foot-deep lake about 30 minutes later. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wichita police Sargent John Ryan said people ought to never count on the ice on a Kansas lake.

What we can learn from this

The above story is so sad, but I hope those of us who love dogs can learn something from it.

Most of my readers like to go on hikes and adventures with their dogs, and you just never know what might happen.

Josh and I go on backpacking trips where our canine spends a lot of time off leash. We’ve also spent a lot of time with Ace around frozen lakes and rivers and lately, going to the ocean.

Thankfully, we haven’t had any really close calls, but there have been a few that made us realize you can never be too careful around cliffs, wildlife, currents and so on. and even a well-trained canine will do extremely dumb things at times.

While you can’t prepare for everything, I hope this story will remind all canine lovers to hesitate before putting themselves in danger for the sake of a dog.

My heart goes out to the friends and family of 28-year-old Erika Owen of Wichita.

Have you had any close calls while out hiking or walking your dog?