Get Your dog to decrease Socks as well as other products

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Today I’m going to share how to get your dog to decrease socks or other items. 

My puppy Remy likes to take socks as well as run off with them for attention. I’m working on “drop” with Remy every day in short sessions to ideally make the command automatic. If not, I may have the worst “bird dog” ever!

Thankfully, he doesn’t ended up being possessive of the socks. He wishes to bring them as well as tease me however will let me open his mouth as well as take them back.

The one time Remy ended up being possessive:

We had one “incident” where Remy took a shower loofah, as well as when I went to grab it he ended up being possessive.

He clamped down on that loofah like his life depended on it. He ignored “drop” as well as prying his mouth open was out of the question. I was worried he would swallow the loofah or bite. Thankfully, he didn’t do either.

He lastly did decrease it when I went to get some food as well as my other half tried to take the loofah with a more lively approach. (I believe my tension triggered the possessiveness initially.)

We haven’t had an problem since, however I’ve made a point to work on “drop” everyday with treats since the last thing I want is a possessive dog.

How to get your dog to decrease socks as well as other items:

1. choose some extremely valued treats.

Find something your dog is willing to work for! These are small, soft treats you can quickly tear in half. They are available in duck or poultry & fish flavors as well as my dogs seem to discover them truly motivating.

2. plan multiple, short training sessions each day.

Ask your dog to decrease different lower-valued toys in exchange for a treat. Hold the treat to his nose as well as state “drop” in a happy voice. When he drops the item, provide him a treat, take the product as well as then provide the item back.

Repeat 3 or 4 times, as well as then stop while you’re ahead.

As your dog gets the idea, you can work on getting him to decrease higher-valued products like bully sticks or rawhides. right now, we’ve been working a great deal with the Kong.

3. If your dog likes to play fetch or tug:

Ask your dog to “drop” when playing fetch. Hold the treat right as much as his nose. When he drops, provide him the treat. then throw the toy. Repeat 3 or 4 times. end with providing him a few treats as well as putting the toy away. If your dog won’t decrease the toy, try different kinds of treats or perhaps begin out with a lower-valued toy.
Ask your dog to “drop” when playing tug of war. Hold the treat right as much as his nose. When he drops, provide him the treat. then continue playing. Repeat 3 or 4 times. end with providing him a few treats as well as putting the toy away.

These above tips likewise are available in handy if you have a dog with a sphere obsession.

4. Be conscious of your energy as well as exactly how it impacts your dog.

My puppy responds much better to a happy, positive tone where “drop” is a fun game. sometimes tension or aggression from the human can create possessive aggression in dogs.

I’m not stating this will be an problem for all dogs, but I do notice my puppy is more successful if I keep the circumstance fun as well as light.

5. keep little products chosen up.

Obviously, to get your dog to decrease socks as well as other items, it’s finest if you can prevent your dog from stealing products in the very first place! pick up laundry or close bedroom doors, utilize infant gates, etc. try to view the space from your puppy’s point of view as well as put away products he may discover tempting.

6. Randomly surprise your puppy.

When he’s randomly playing with a toy by himself, just tell him “drop” as well as then hold a treat to his nose. then let him go back to playing. He won’t believe his luck!

7. Randomly decrease socks or other items.

Walk by your dog as well as decrease a sock or some other product he likes to take however be prepared to guide his nose away with a treat. tell him what a great boy he is, provide one more treat, then put the product away. Repeat a few times.

You can utilize the “leave it” command right here if you’d like. block your dog from taking the item, state “leave it” as well as reward with a treat.

Other tips:

It’s generally finest to keep dog toys chosen up. Bring them out a few each time so you manage the toys, as well as rotate which ones you use. On the other hand, you may want to keep a toy or two out to keep your dog thinking about toys vs. other products like socks or shoes. It’s about discovering the right balance.
Carry a few treats in your pockets. That method you’re always prepared for a quick training session when chances happen in “real life.” He picks up a sock? You state decrease as well as you have your treats ready.
Sometimes it’s worth it to reward the dog by letting him keep the original item. Even if it’s disgusting! For example, Remy chosen up an orange peel off the walkway however dropped it when I asked. I rewarded him by letting him have the orange peel! He ate it. No huge deal.

In emergencies, sound the doorbell. If your dog has something potentially dangerous as well as you can’t get him to decrease it, try ringing the doorbell. This will likely get your dog’s interest as well as he may decrease whatever he has. likewise try opening the dog treat cupboard. Peanut butter on a spoon is one more great bribe.

My listing is not perfect!

What would you modification or add?

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