A funny Postcard of Dogs wearing top Hats and Glasses Hitched to a Carriage — Really!

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once upon a time, the supreme luxury in childhood play was having a small cart or wagon that could be pulled by a trained goat or the family dog. Shetland ponies were rare and rather expensive until the early 20th century.  This funny postcard, which may be Canadian, shows a young boy with a very good small carriage that was, in fact, probably intended for use with said ponies — but he is “driving” a pair of very funny dogs.  The little girl, who looks to be his sister, is pretending to use an old-fashioned spinning wheel.  Take a look at the detail below!

Postcard of unidentified young boy and girl with dogs pulling cart — wearing glasses and top hats. Velox postcard, possibly Canadian, about 1920.
Detail of photograph above.

I think that these two long-legged dogs are siblings. and not only are they wearing top hats and eyeglasses, but they are holding clay pipes in their jaws!

I have no idea of the circumstances. I certainly wish that I had identities for these children and dogs!  In any case, this is just one much more example of the humor and play that was, and is, typically associated with pet keeping.

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